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Students select college major fields of studies based upon their intellectual leanings and upon their cognitive strengths. They do not all sing up for major fields in English, and yet most of them begin to feel like English majors in every course they take. Imagine a math or computer science major being forced to write an essay or paper that conforms to the highest standards of formal English composition. Imagine a lab science major, wanting to spend time with laboratory experimentation, but facing, instead, laborious work writing an essay paper for every single class in which s/he is enrolled. This situation is both frustrating and demeaning to students whose obvious intelligences are in many other fields and who simply want to get on with their educations and take their places in a career of interest. And, yet, low grades on writing assignments for irrelevant courses drag down their entire GPA and can jeopardize their career choices in the end.

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Such students need to get smart and find their own ghostwriters for these tedious and cumbersome writing assignments. Most everyone in career fields does this, and why shouldn’t you? It is not shameful to admit that you lack interest in history when you are a computer science major; it is not shameful to hate writing an essay paper in English when you are a math major. It is simply recognizing that you must concentrate on your strengths and let an online custom essay writing service such as Primewritings.org focus on these irrelevant and hated tasks!

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You can buy an essay or paper with ease from anyone advertising on the Internet. And many of them may offer a cheap essay price that we cannot meet. That is fine, and we wish them well. However, what you get for that cheap price will be questionable at best. They cannot guarantee plagiarism-free essays and papers because quite, frankly, they do not produce them. They do not have qualified writers who work from scratch on each order; they do not have English-speaking academicians with the diverse educational backgrounds and experience that we have. They pay their amateurs almost nothing, and that is about what you get for you money. We are affordable, but we are also professional!

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