Frequently Asked Questions

  • The order registration form cannot be submitted. How can I place my order if the page does not accept the changes?

    Pay attention to whether you have attached some big files to the registration form. We have some size restrictions, so if the files are too big or if there are too many of them, keep in mind that it would be better to send all those materials via email to the customer support agents. They in turn will forward the documents to your assigned writer.

  • While filling in the order registration form, I have mistakenly provided wrong details about the paper type/urgency/paper length/complexity level, etc. Can I edit those details?

    Unfortunately, we do not grant a possibility to our clients to make any changes in the order details section after the order was submitted. Many of those details impact the price. So, if you need to make some urgent changes, you have to contact the customer support team, inform them about your decision, and then place a compensation order if needed (to pay for the difference in price).

  • How can I extend my paper? Can I ask my writer to add more pages?

    If you need more pages to be added to your order, it is important to place an additional order to the needed one and indicate the number of pages that should be added. As such, you will have to pay more for those pages added. If you face difficulties, you can contact our live chat support for assistance.

  • How can I be sure that a writer has been assigned to work on my paper?

    You can keep track of these details and any other activities done over your order in the details section. Specifically, you will be able to see the writer’s ID.

  • Can I order a draft of my order?

    Our service provides a draft option, but it is extra paid. Keep in mind that a draft is delivered to the customer after 50% of the deadline expiration. Besides, the draft is one page in length.

  • How can I send a revision request?

    Each customer has a possibility of sending a revision request for free within the free revision period. It depends on the paper length how much time of a free revision period you have. Specifically, if the paper is short (less than 20 pages), you have 48 hours when you can send the revision for free. If the paper is longer (20 pages and more), you have the whole 30 days of a free revision option. When you open the list of your orders, you can find the needed one by the order ID and click the “Request Revision” button. When sending a revision to your writer, provide specific remarks on what should be changed. Also, be sure to set a deadline for revision.

  • Can I change the personal information I have provided, such as name, password, phone number, etc.?

    To change your personal and contact data, you just have to click the “Edit Profile” button. To make the necessary changes, you need to be logged in to the website. Do not forget to click the “Save Changes” button after you have added new information.

  • How much time will it take till a writer is assigned to work on my essay?

    Our company’s customer support agents do their best to find an appropriate writer within the shortest time possible. However, please consider that our success of finding a writer quickly also depends on the order specifics, i.e. how long or difficult it is, when it is due, and whether we have available writers at the very moment on the whole.

  • I need my essay to be revised, but I see that the free revision period has already expired. Can I still send my revision request?

    Of course, you can send a revision request not only within the free time period. The only thing is that in this case you will have to pay extra for the revision service. In such case, please place a new order on the website but choose “Revision” order type.

  • Can I talk with my assigned writer if I have some questions/updates/clarifications?

    We do not provide any possibilities for clients to specifically talk with writers. However, we offer a chance to exchange text messages via the direct messaging system on the website. Should you need any urgent reply, feel free to contact the customer support team and ask the agent to get in touch with the writer and get reply from him/her.

  • Where will I find my completed paper?

    You will have to log in to your personal account, go to the “Completed Orders” section, find the necessary order ID, and download the paper from the “Files” section. More so, when the paper is uploaded, you are notified via email — you will get the link where you can download the file.

  • Can you provide professional assistance with completing an online test for me?

    Yes, our company provides not only custom writing services but also test help. As such, whenever you need help with an online test or online exam, you can count on us. To place this order, you will have to indicate “Online Test” in the order type field, and then you will need to send all instructions. You will also have to send all materials and other information needed for your writer to complete the test successfully. Be sure to provide details of the specific time the test will start, also indicate your time zone, and also provide your writer with credentials to the online test platform.

  • Can I place a coding assignment with you?

    We do not provide custom coding assignments or any other IT-related tasks.

  • How do I get notifications from your service?

    Our company sends automatic emails to clients concerning any activity related to their orders. Apart from receiving email notifications, you can also set SMS notifications and receive calls from us, too.

  • How can I check that a writer is working on my paper?

    You can check it in the order details in your account. The first thing you should pay attention to is the order status. If it says “Payment verification,” it means that the company administration is waiting for your order payment or confirmation. If it says “Processing,” it means that a writer has been assigned and is now working on it. If the status says “Completed” or “Sent,” you are welcome to download the paper from your system.

  • When will I receive the completed paper?

    You will receive the finished order according to the specified deadline. During the order registration process, you are required to set the deadline. Remember that the countdown starts once your order is verified.

  • I cannot successfully place the order with you.

    Sometimes the website may not allow you to proceed with the order placement process because you have attached a lot of files that exceed the allowed limit. In such case, send those materials via email and indicate the order ID in the email subject.

  • Where will I find the uploaded finished paper?

    You will be able to find the paper in your personal account in the “Files” section. Before that you will have to go to the “Completed Orders.”

  • I have troubles with the order payment process. Why is that?

    We do not deal with the payment procedures directly. Some minor issues may be related to the outdated browser or some troubles with your banking card. You will be encouraged to try paying for the order via another web browser or by using some other card. Please reach our support team to find out more.

  • If my assigned writer completes my order faster, will he/she send it to me before the deadline?

    We do not deliver orders prior to the set deadline. According to our company’s policy, a deadline is one of the factors that impact the overall price for the writing service. Therefore, if you set a specific deadline, be sure to expect your order at around that time. Should you need to submit your paper earlier, keep in mind that you will have to place a compensation order.

  • Do you send completed orders via email?

    Finished papers are uploaded to the system, and thus you are able to download them from your private cabinet. We only send the notifications to the email that your paper is ready.

  • Do I need to provide an extra payment for the “Preferred Writer” option even if I purchase the supreme writing level?

    When you purchase a supreme writing level, you are guaranteed that one of the top 30 writers will be assigned to work on your order. Additionally, you will get a report on plagiarism. However, you do not have a possibility of choosing a specific writer. If you, however, want a specific writer, the one who has already done some assignments for you, and this option of top 30 writers does not suit you, then you have to pay for the “Preferred Writer” option separately. Our Writing Department will do their best to assign that particular writer to your order quickly.

  • I do not want to leave my personal phone number in the contact details.

    We cannot force our clients to provide valid phone numbers when registering on the website. However, we strongly encourage them to do that since having correct phone numbers of our clientele enables us to contact them whenever we need some urgent clarifications or updates.

  • Does your service guarantee privacy?

    Yes, totally. We are a completely confidential service that protects personal and contact data. We assure both customers and writers of this confidentiality policy. No personal or contact information is shared within the company.

  • Can I send only one revision request during the free revision time span?

    No, within the free revision period you can send as many revisions as the time allows.

  • How can I be sure that the paper content is free from plagiarism?

    One of our company’s missions is to provide authentic content, and that is why we carefully scan each paper via anti-plagiarism software. Thus, you can be sure about that.

  • Who will work on my assignment?

    When finding a writer to work on your paper, we make sure that he/she is properly qualified to manage the task and that he/she has sufficient experience in your subject area or major.

  • Can I be sure that the paper content has been thoroughly edited and proofread?

    When you buy VIP services, there is an additional option that is called “Get an order proofread by an editor,” so when choosing it, you will have to pay a bit more, but this option will guarantee that your paper is properly edited in terms of content and mechanics.

  • Can I check somehow that the writer is working on my assignment?

    You can monitor it in your personal account. For example, you may keep track of how the order status changes. Once it has changed from “Payment verification” to “Processing,” it means that the writer has started working on it. If you have noticed the change of the status into “Sent” or “Completed,” it means that your assigned writer has already uploaded the paper. Our clients can be also informed about the statuses of their assignments by ordering a respective VIP option, i.e. “Get SMS notifications.”

  • I made a mistake while filling out the order placement form and have chosen the wrong urgency for the paper. I need my essay earlier, so can my assigned writer upload it when I need it?

    If you need to shorten the deadline, you need to place a compensation order. The compensation will be recalculated according to the difference in the originally set deadline and the new one. You will be sent the link by following which you will need to make a payment. Once the transaction is successful, you will get your assignment done according the new deadline.

  • I want to place an order and ask a specific writer to do it or me. The writer has once completed papers for me and I liked them. Can I ask that writer to take my order again?

    You can do it with the help of our customer support agents or by using the additional “Preferred Writer” function. Just find that order ID that you liked and copy the writer’s ID from the corresponding field. Paste it then into the new order placement form and pay extra for this service. According to our company’s policy, you will have to pay an extra 15% for this service.

  • What are the responsibilities of your service?

    As soon as you have placed an order with us, we are responsible for finding the best writer who matches your requirements, qualifications, and the subject area on the whole. Besides, we provide round-the-clock customer support service and ensure each client that the papers go through thorough editing, proofreading, and plagiarism-check processes.

  • Will you complete a difficult assignment for me?

    Yes, you can rely on our company even when it comes to really challenging assignments. We have a versatile team of writers who can complete papers of different levels: ranging from high school to university, Master’s, and PhD.

  • I cannot submit the payment successfully. Why?

    You may get some authorization or payment errors, so we recommend you to try paying via another card or use another browser. If these do not help, then it would be good to contact your bank directly.

  • I am trying to proceed with the order placement process, but the page keeps loading.

    The website may not allow you to proceed further, so the page may stay grey, because you have attached too many files. Instead of attaching them to the order registration form, try forwarding them to our company via email/Live Chat or upload them to your assignment “Files” section.

  • I have paid for the order, but I still keep receiving the notification asking me to pay.

    If the payment was conducted successfully, you must have received a payment receipt. So, try to search for it in the inbox/trash/spam sections. If there is no receipt in your email, then go to your banking profile and double-check whether money has been withdrawn from your account for the custom writing services. The screenshot of your bank statement can be sent to us so that our Financial Department can track your financial transaction down. If there is no receipt or a charge on your bank statement, it means that your payment was not conducted. In this case try another device, browser, credit card or payment processing company.

  • I would like to check whether my paper can be completed successfully before I place an order with you.

    You can certainly check it. Just send us your order instructions and we will forward them to the Writing Department. As soon as we find a writer who is capable of dealing with the paper, we will get back to you and inform you about that.

  • Is it obligatory to mention my valid phone number during the registration process?

    It is highly recommended to do so because having your contact number enables us to get in touch with you in some emergency cases or when some unexpected situations occur.

  • I got a notification that one of my orders will be refunded. How much time does this process take?

    The refund operation may take from 3 to 5 business days depending on the busyness of the company. In some cases, it also depends on your bank.

  • How can I get in touch with my writer?

    According to the policies, we have in our company, clients can get in touch with their writers via the messaging system on the website. This messaging option is active when you are logged in to the system. In case you do not have the opportunity to access your account, you can send an email with your files to us and our support team will quickly inform the writer about your notification.

  • Where can I find the completed paper?

    When the deadline has expired, you can download the completed order from the “Files” section. You can search for the needed order by paying attention to the order ID. Besides, you are strongly recommended to contact our customer support agents if the deadline has expired but you cannot find the file.

  • When will I get the paper?

    You will receive the paper at around the due date that you have stated in the deadline field of the order registration field. To check the due date go to:

    My orders – Processing orders – Click your paper ID – section Delivery.

  • Can my assigned writer buy the needed book for completing papers for me?

    According to the rules of our company, clients are required to provide materials along with instructions to their assigned writer. In case some books have to be bought, it is essential for the writer to purchase them and then send some scans or login credentials to the assigned writer.

  • I have tried for several times to submit the order registration form, but the website does not allow me to do it.

    The problem most probably lies in the exceeding size of the attached files. So, delete them from the order registration form and try sending them separately via email.

  • My professor has asked me to add an extra page. Can I pay for it and ask my writer to add more text?

    Sure. Our customer support agents can help you with that. You will need to place an additional order and indicate the number of pages needed. The additional order will be linked to the original one.

  • I set the wrong due date. I want to shorten the deadline now, as I need my order faster.

    You can change the deadline — specifically, you can ask one of customer support representatives to do it. However, apart from changing the deadline, you will need to compensate for this change.

  • What order type should I select if it is not clear for me what category my paper falls into?

    If you are confused about choosing the proper order type, you can send us your order instructions and our customer support agents will help you out.

  • Can you guarantee me that I will get a paper that is free from plagiarism?

    Yes, we can as academic integrity is one of the aspects that we do care about. Therefore, we scan each paper via the plagiarism-checker to ensure originality and authenticity of writing. Any research that your assigned writer has to conduct is also performed from scratch. Besides, upon your paper delivery, you will get an opportunity to scan it by PlagiarismSearch. Please note that such tool as Turnitin is not used by us since it automatically saves the checked files, which follows that those cannot be submitted twice.

  • Do you guarantee confidentiality?

    Our service is fully confidential and we guarantee privacy when it comes to personal and contact information, as well as custom-written papers. We never share any details that you provide us with and we never forward or copy previously written documents among other clients.

  • Will my paper be completed in a timely manner?

    Yes, sure. It is our company’s mission and priority to deliver the paper according to the set deadline.

  • Can I negotiate prices with your company before I place an order?

    We have a fixed pricing policy that depends on certain criteria, such as paper type, academic complexity level, deadline, length, and others. Therefore, your price will be formed after you provide these paper details. If you want to get a custom-written paper at a cheaper rate, then you can monitor whether there are any special offers and discounts.

  • If I have any issues, questions, or inquiries, can I talk with my assigned writer?

    If you have urgent questions and you need an immediate reply from your assigned writer, the quickest option is to contact our customer support agents and ask them to forward your message to the writer. Our clients cannot call writers on their own — the only way for them to get in touch with the writers is via the direct messaging system on the website.

  • I cannot successfully place the order on the website. The page just keeps loading and does not accept the instructions. What might be the cause?

    You may encounter such delay because you have attached too many files to the order registration form or because the size of the file has exceeded the limit. It is thus better to register the order without any attachments and send the files separately via email.

  • I want to place an online test assignment with you. The duration of the test is one hour, but I cannot indicate this deadline as it is short. How to place this order?

    Contact our customer support representatives and they will help you place your online test assignment. First, you will have to make sure that there are available writers at the time when the test will take place. After that, you will need to provide all instructions and materials and pay for the order.

  • My order will be refunded, and I wonder is it possible to get this refund in the form of bonuses?

    You can clarify this possibility with the customer support team. As a rule, this issue is resolved by the Financial Department of our service. When you choose to get bonus credits instead of money, keep in mind that they can be used for partial or full payment for your future orders. Additionally, you should remember that the bonus credits will be provided as soon as your refund request is approved.

  • When will I receive my paper?

    When you register your order at our site, you are supposed to specify the due date. This deadline is exactly the time when you should expect your paper to be delivered. You will have to log in to your personal profile and then download it. You will also get a notification of your order completion via email. Once you receive it, you may log in to your cabinet.

  • What paper type should I choose when placing the order online?

    You should choose the order type in correspondence with your paper requirements. If it is hard for you to identify what order type should be selected, contact our customer support team. The agents will explore the requirements and will help you choose the best type.

  • How can I be certain that I will get a top-quality paper?

    It is one of the company’s aims to provide impeccable writing. Our writers are experienced professionals who hold Master’s and PhD academic degrees. We take pride in our team of writers so we can definitely assure you of superb quality of writing. Nonetheless, we never promise any specific grades. To check if the service of our company suits you, it is possible to take a look at the sample papers on the website.

  • Is it possible to get my paper earlier?

    The company’s delivery policy states that all papers are delivered according to the deadline. If you need your paper earlier, you will have to pay a compensation to the writer.

  • Who will complete my paper?

    All papers that you order from us are completed by professionals in the respective subject area.

  • Can I make sure that your writers are knowledgeable enough to complete papers for me?

    You can send us your instructions, and the customer support agents will clarify with the Writing Department whether there are matching specialists to work on your paper.

  • What are the prices for custom writing in your company?

    The cost of orders depends on numerous factors. We take into account the paper type, deadline, length, complexity level, and other criteria when forming the total price. You can check all these details in the “Prices” section.

  • How will I get the finished paper?

    Assignments can be sent via email, but, as a rule, they are uploaded to the system so that you can download them from your personal account.

  • I have already written a part of the paper on my own. Can you complete it for me?

    Yes, sure, our writers can deal even with this task. Be sure to provide us with specific instructions and also send the part of the paper that was completed by you. Whenever you have questions, contact our live chat support.

  • What is your company’s schedule?

    You can address us at any time. We operate 24/7 every day of the year.

  • Can you help me out with urgent papers?

    Our writers can even work under stressful conditions, so writing papers under tight deadlines is not a problem to our experts. However, you should be realistic when setting deadlines — the writer should be physically able to complete them. We also offer you to consult with our support agents about your urgent assignment before ordering it to ensure it can be done on time.

  • I want a specific writer, who has been working on my previously placed paper, to complete this assignment for me. Can I ask for that?

    Find that order that you liked and copy the writer’s ID from there. When filling in the order registration form, insert the ID of the writer into the “Preferred writer” section. You will then have to pay 15% extra to the total order price.

  • Do you ensure a revision option if corrections are needed?

    We have a free revision option, when a client is granted 48 hours after the deadline expiration to be able to ask the writer for revision. This option requires keeping initial instructions the same. Besides, even if you have not managed to send a revision request within that free revision period, you can place a separate revision type order (this is a paid option).

  • Can you guarantee an excellent grade for me?

    No, we never promise any grades since they are subjective and depend on how professor evaluates papers. However, what we do promise is the outstanding quality of writing. We also guarantee plagiarism-free content.

  • Is there a way to check my papers for plagiarism?

    When you buy a specific VIP service, you can be sure that your papers will be scanned by a powerful plagiarism-detection tool. Note that you will be able to avail yourself of this option for free within one year. Testimonials

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