Research Paper Templates

When tasked with writing a report, there is a research paper template that students could contemplate using as a means of enhancing their chances of getting better grades, and, which ensures they follow the appropriate document format. A research paper template can be described as a skeletal framework or structure for a paper type. It might be helpful to view research paper templates as the foundations on which a building work develops. Although no two written reports will be identical, it is well worth noting that standard issue research paper templates have proved themselves to be a valuable tool to many academic writers. Students develop the skills to effectively use research paper templates from an early school level, as early as middle school. Templates do not vary much but they can become more sophisticated as the student matures in their academic development. For the purpose of reference reports, a standard template comprises of an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion and a reference page. Some report types demand additional sections such as a title or cover page, a table of contents, an abstract and appendix sections. In any case, a course tutor will normally provide an instruction on the specific sections they require for a particular report type. In a fairly simple research work, the introduction section consists, roughly, of one paragraph. It should provide a background description on the subject and, perhaps, list the terminology that will be used. The writer should also provide their one sentence thesis statement, underlining the document’s objective. The thesis should be placed at the beginning or end of the section. The next part of the report template is the body text. This section should consist of paragraphs that give credibility to the thesis. Every new paragraph should set out fresh information or viewpoints from the preceding paragraph but each new viewpoint should follow a logical and natural flow. The conclusion section completes the research paper template. It is here that the writer will reiterate, in summary, all the information and/or views from the overall document. And, it is in the conclusion that the writer will offer their own assessment or conclusion on the project. Research paper templates differ from dissertation templates. Dissertation works tend to be more voluminous than a report; they demand extra sections e.g. methodologies, acknowledgements, appendices, etc. Both research paper templates and dissertation templates are acknowledged as good practice methods in the world of academic writing.


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