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  • Rituals of Manhood: Male Initiation in Papua New Guinea Essay

    Rituals of Manhood: Male Initiation in Papua New Guinea Essay

    This research paper covers the rituals of manhood in Papua New Guinea and analyzes the cultural relativism regarding the area dwellers. It also offers a small summary and a clear explanation of manhood in this culture. The author of the article provides a detailed explanation of Sambia people and the area where they live. He states that people who live there are mountain-dwellers whose origin can be traced back to the Papua interior. Males and females perform different kinds of activities. Males are involved in hunting, while females cultivate crops. A special group of warriors deals with ...

  • An Essay on Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits by Suki Kim

    An Essay on Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits by Suki Kim

    Suki Kim is a Korean American writer. In her writing piece Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits, she shares her autobiographical story, the story of a Korean family who immigrated to the United States seeking for a better living. When Suki was a little girl, she was raised in a rich family in South Korea. Her father used to be a millionaire and a renowned businessman there. However, he lost everything he had – his mining business, hotels and a shipping company. Since bankruptcy is punishable by law in South Korea, he had to take his family away from the country and immigrate to the ...

  • Making Money at High School

    Making Money at High School

    Finding a job for a summer during the holidays is a perfect chance for teenagers to get invaluable real work experience at the early age. Despite choosing an appropriate job may seem challenging, there are usually plenty of available positions. It is important to decide what you want to do and where. As soon as you figured it out, just look for the position that meets your expectations. Job Opportunities for Schoolers Babysitter An average unqualified babysitter earns $15 per hour. That is a decent payment for a teenager during summer break. It is a good chance to get some extra cash as well ...

  • Felons Who Have Served Their Sentence Should be Given the Right to Vote

    Felons Who Have Served Their Sentence Should be Given the Right to Vote

    The issue of whether the felons who have already served their sentence should be granted the right to vote has been a heated debate for a long time. Actually, there are numerous pros and cons to this argument. Some people opine the restriction that voting rights should depend on the severity of crime that the felon committed. Moreover, those who have a “for”-standpoint regarding granting voting rights to felons claim that, as the criminals paid their debt to the society and served their time, they should be allowed to vote. However, other people put forward an argument that there should ...

  • Tips for a Good Hook

    Tips for a Good Hook

    What Is a Hook? How can a writer count on readers attention while writing an essay? The answer lies in a simple word “hook”, which is the first sentence of an essay that grabs the readers’ attention and motivates them to read a certain piece of writing till the end. The specific feature of a nice hook implies the match of the writing tone with further statements. It should be consistent with the content of your essay as far as it captures the attention of the readers, who are interested in a particular topic touched upon in a hook sentence. Types of Hooks In order to create a good ...

  • Great Assistance for College Students

    Great Assistance for College Students

    Writing an essay or a thesis can be a real pain in the neck. Even the thought of spending the whole day on this mundane task is depressing. It is not that you CAN’T do it, but it is so time-consuming that you have to set priorities, and sometimes you choose to dedicate your precious time to something more important rather than stare endlessly at the blank screen and give up anyway. Doing so, you postpone the task until it is too late. Is there a way out of this madness? Sure, there is! Why don’t you just buy the paper online and be over with it? The Benefits of Ordering a Paper ... Testimonials


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