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  • 12 Tips for a Good Trip With Friends

    12 Tips for a Good Trip With Friends

    A trip with friends is probably the most enjoyable experience ever, but unfortunately, planning can be very frustrating, and usually even more annoying than planning solo trips or trips with the family. So let’s see tips which will help you to decrease the stress and to increase the fun: Google Sheets As we are living in a modern world, why do not take everything from it? I’m a fan of Google Sheets – a real treasure for you, if you like to track and share useful information (e.g. restaurants, bars, fun things, overall budget, transportations, tickets, etc.) with your friends. Buy in ...

  • General Tips on Informative Essay Writing

    General Tips on Informative Essay Writing

    Writing an informative essay is not an easy task at all. One of the main writer’s aims is to grab readers’ attention starting from the first paragraph and keep it till the very last sentence. However, there is a very high risk of being a heavy author when you are working in the field of science. There are a few pieces of advice to help you to make up a perfect informative essay. Interesting Topic The first step to avoid it is to choose a thrilling and absorbing topic. When the theme is interesting itself, it makes your job less difficult and rewarding. Picking up boring and ponderous ...

  • 7 Tips Every Essay-Maker Should Know

    7 Tips Every Essay-Maker Should Know

    When you think about the necessity of writing an essay, it often scares you and makes your day more stressful. On the other hand, if you allow yourself enough time and break the writing process into separate parts, the task will look less daunting. Find out how to divide the essay writing process effectively and get a perfect essay as a result. Select a Topic In most cases, you will have the topic assigned to you by a professor. If you are allowed to choose the topic on your own, prefer the one that is relevant and makes you interested. It is also necessary to narrow down the focus in order ...

  • First Steps into Freelance Writing

    First Steps into Freelance Writing

    Are you new to freelance writing, but you would really like to try yourself in this area? Are you struggling to find out where to start? Here are some pieces of advice which might give you a shove off. Cold Pitch Potential Clients The biggest challenge of every aspiring freelance writer is to find enough work. Waiting for customers to come to you is not the best tactics, whereas contacting different companies and organizations and informing them on the service you can provide for them can bring you impressive results. And that is what cold pitching is all about. You send emails to your ...

  • Tips on Writing a Persuasive Essay

    Tips on Writing a Persuasive Essay

    Studying at high school, many students have to write persuasive essays. Unfortunately, not all of them know how to complete such assignment successfully. If your essay doesn’t have a well-written plan, it can’t be interesting to read. In fact, the main purpose of the persuasive essay is to influence. The writer should systemize personal opinions in such a way, so that the reader is persuaded regarding a certain topic. If you want to find on the Internet an article that explains how to write the persuasive essay, then read the following. Structure of Persuasive Essay The classic format ...

  • Write Your Best Analytical Essay: Tips and Tricks

    Write Your Best Analytical Essay: Tips and Tricks

    When you get an assignment to write an analytical essay, you might feel that everything is bad and you can never be happy again. But don’t panic! Things to Understand when Writing an Analytical Essay Understand the Difficulty Analytical essays are often the trickiest assignments you get from your professors. Writing it involves thoroughly exploring the topic and analyzing the opinions of different experts. It also involves objectivity – so you mustn’t argue about your subject from your own perspective. You need to give the facts and let the readers come to their own conclusions. ... Testimonials


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