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  • How to Protect the Environment with Electric Cars?

    How to Protect the Environment with Electric Cars?

    Nowadays environmental issues are addressed by many actors, including scientists, social activists, local and national governments, as well as ordinary people. Their interest in this problem is motivated by different reasons, but all of them are willing to preserve the environment and reduce pollution. The use of electric cars is one of the ways to do it. How Can It Help? Many sceptics claim that electric cars cannot make the difference, because they solve only one of the problems that contribute to environmental pollution. In reality, it is true that these vehicles are no panacea and they ...

  • Writing Essays about Education

    Writing Essays about Education

    The process of acquiring knowledge is generally known as education, which is an indispensable part of our lives. However, sometimes it is mistakenly associated only with high grades and diplomas. In reality, there are many examples of people who dropped out of a university but still were very smart and successful. The tricky aspect of this phenomenon is the fact that people realize it is impossible to survive without education but they cannot provide a comprehensive definition of it. Since education is a multi-faceted subject of study, you need to know its basic aspects in order to write ...

  • Learning Online – Advantages and Drawbacks

    Learning Online – Advantages and Drawbacks

    With the constant development of modern technologies, distant education is already not a surprise for public. If at first it was strange to apply for online universities, now it is one of the most popular ways of getting your education quickly and in a quite convenient way. For a new person, it is not really difficult to accustom to this pace of home study, but it is beneficial to know some facts before jumping into it. Studying Online There is no much difference in getting into online and conventional university. You will still have to do the same, like passing the entrance exams, providing ...

  • School Games That Graduates Are not Against to Play Again

    School Games That Graduates Are not Against to Play Again

    While being grown-ups, we start to realize what a pleasant and joyful period our childhood was. Interestingly, but most of us wish we could turn back the time and re-live some of those moments again. Of course, school was not the most favorite part of childhood and those days seemed really boring and unbearable. However, now we reminisce about those times, because we could play a lot of games. As soon as we enter colleges, we really miss those times we spent playing games with our friends. The saddest fact here is that it has become impossible to spend our time this way as we are in college. ...

  • Religion Triggers Conflicts

    Religion Triggers Conflicts

    Religion is a highly controversial issue nowadays. While the very concept of religion as a connection between a human and the supreme forces of goodness seems to be pure and entirely positive, the dark side of this phenomenon can’t be denied. It sows the seeds of discord among people. Throughout centuries we’ve been witnessing religion making people brutally torture and kill other people. It was the religion that caused some of the most horrific wars in the entire history of mankind. And here are some examples of religion’s ambiguousness. Crusading Stunts Without a shade of a doubt, ...

  • Meditation as a Powerful Tool for Relaxing

    Meditation as a Powerful Tool for Relaxing

    A human organism is a complex system consisting of numerous mental, physical and neuronal connections. It is very majestic to feel such a unique and versatile creature with lots of peculiarities, abilities, and characteristics. Still, at times, many people wish they were robots who are less demanding, less complicated, and more resilient towards the outside factors. For many people, it is a wish to have this on/ off button and use it anytime when needed: when you have a busy day at work or college, when you need to burn the midnight oil to prepare for a project or an exam, etc. Why is it so ... Testimonials


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