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  • Research Paper Cite

    Research Paper Cite

    Many students find that when they get their grade back on an academic assignment they handed in, they received a much lower grade than anticipated. One of the main reasons of this is lack of proper research paper cite. Adequate research paper cite is an integral aspect to any university level academic assignment composition. Not using proper research paper cite is another way of plagiarizing a document, whether intentionally or not intentionally. Plagiarism is defined as using the work of someone else without giving them credit in the paper. If proper research paper cite is not used, then it ...

  • Research Paper Abstract

    Research Paper Abstract

    An integral part of any writing assignment is the research paper abstract. Although knowing how to create research paper abstract is not necessarily something that will be needed later on in life, it is none the less important to know how to compose research paper abstract when the teacher or professor assigns you to write one in a succinct and effective manner. Basically, research paper abstract is a brief paragraph outlining what a report will be about. Research paper abstract is no longer than one paragraph, and defines really clearly the terms of the paper. The research paper abstract is ...

  • Essay Topics

    Essay Topics

    If you are looking at a list of essay topics and want to choose an essay topic on your own, here are some steps you can follow. These steps will make the entire essay topics selection process not only easier, but more manageable as well. Below are a number of different questions and pointer for you to read over and answer. They will assist in selecting the best possible essay topics that are suitable for the academic assignment you have been tasked with. • Take a moment to determine the specific subject area you are looking to select from. For example, if you are in a Shakespearean ...

  • Essay Levels

    Essay Levels

    With several essay levels to choose from, the novice writer might feel confused by issues such as structure. Organization is the key to correctly structuring your essay. Organize your writing environment and your thoughts. Ensure your work space is free of clutter, is quiet and that there are no other distractions around you. Get in the right frame of mind to ensure your work is error-free. Ensure you possess and understand all relevant knowledge and materials. Take your time to study and digest the information you have to hand. Remember, to ask yourself who, why, when, where and how because ...

  • Essay Body Paragraphs

    Essay Body Paragraphs

    While a writer needs a lot of knowledge to produce a professional essay, it is essential that s/he first understands the peculiar nature of an essay’s structure. Without exception, an essay should be written according to a prescribed structure that should not be altered. This structure comprises an introduction, the essay body and a conclusion. Strict adherence to this basic structure provides a foundation to develop a well constructed work. To ease the writing process, it is essential not to lose sight of these basic rules of the essay structure. The essay body paragraphs provide detailed ...

  • Essay Assignment

    Essay Assignment

    In academic life, report writing is amongst the most common type of assignment. Essays are popular as they require the writer to comprehensively articulate their thoughts on a specific subject and to support their thinking with credible arguments and proof. An essay assignment is an exemplary way for a student to showcase his or her subject knowledge by employing a number of different abilities, such as written, analytical and creative talents. Difficult by nature, an essay assignment can challenge the student but there are numerous resources available to help with essay assignments. In ... Testimonials


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