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  • The Role of Teacher in Learning Process

    The Role of Teacher in Learning Process

    One of the main priorities of the system of continuous education and upbringing in the framework of realization of the national idea is the free thinking and harmoniously developed personality, the personality of the citizen, devoted to the ideals of independence and democracy. There is no future for peoples and nations not aimed at their improvement, not caring about the younger generation. The teacher is the organizer of the educational process, therefore it is not enough to know the basics of the taught science for him or her, he or she must take into account the psychological and ...

  • Tips on How to Complete an Appendix

    Tips on How to Complete an Appendix

    When writing an essay or a report, a student should be concentrated on the information directly related to the subject matter. Yet completing a research paper requires a greater load of information. It raises a problem of including all the facts and data in one written piece. Mixing up too detailed information and generalized material on the topic might seem to be congested and puzzling. The way out in such situation is to compile additional material related to the subject in an appendix. An appendix usually elucidates an issue with the help of statistical or background information, charts, ...

  • Superb Tricks to Compile a Rhetorical Essay

    Superb Tricks to Compile a Rhetorical Essay

    If you are looking for the key, which will open the doors to the best positions and will guarantee the prosperous future, then you should consider taking AP English Language and Composition. For devising the backbone of your career success, mind the hints provided in the article. Vast Knowledge Imagine you are a gourmet and need to taste the offerings blindfolded. It is not enough to state that it is a fish dish. People expect you to specify the components the chef used to cook this special dish, to say whether there is a superfluous component in it, and to express your general satisfaction ...

  • Making a Qualitative Persuasive Essay Outline

    Making a Qualitative Persuasive Essay Outline

    Drawing a Persuasive Essay Outline Writers put forward their ideas by means of miscellaneous types of essays. A persuasive essay prompts the audience to consider the idea from different angles or to assume the measures. To write a top-notch persuasive essay the author needs to dig up plausible facts and evidence and be well-informed about the topic. First off, to persuade the readers, the writer should take a stance at the beginning of an essay. Providing logical explanation with interesting facts will make your idea sound sensible. To be more persuasive, the writer must prove the ...

  • Let Me Inspire You to Write a Short Speech!

    Let Me Inspire You to Write a Short Speech!

    There can be two explanations why you are reading this article: either you are fond of reading about everything or you are actually in trouble with your short speech assignment. If the latter is the matter, don’t worry: you’ve come to the right place. After reading this article, you will certainly have a clear idea of what a good short speech should look like. Who knows, we might even inspire you to come up with a perfect topic! Let this short speech about dreaming and setting goals will both serve you as a sample for writing your own short speech and make you reconsider some ...

  • Surveillance: Safety Measure or Privacy Threat?

    Surveillance: Safety Measure or Privacy Threat?

      It is of secret to nobody that surveillance is a part and parcel of our modern society. With the advent of technologies and the increasing affordability of different recording devices, the vast majority of public places are now equipped with surveillance cameras. It seems to be a completely positive thing, since the recorded material can help solve various criminal cases, such as robberies, assaults, hit and runs and so on. Furthermore, very often, knowing that they are being recorded prevents potential criminals from committing crimes. However, there is more to surveillance than just ... Testimonials


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