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  • Essential Information on Theory of Labeling

    Essential Information on Theory of Labeling

    What Is Labeling Theory? Labeling theory is aimed at looking into the behaviors of individuals affected by the terms of classification or putting them into certain sociological categories. It is often mistakenly associated with something totally unfair and akin to stereotyping. Quite the contrary, labeling theory deals with concrete models of social organization and symbolic ways of interaction. The methodic is set out to analyze the previously mentioned categories and to find the solution to the various problems in the study of sociology. The Key Concepts of the Theory According to labeling ...

  • How to Cheat During the Exam and Get High Grades

    How to Cheat During the Exam and Get High Grades

    Many students dream of getting high grades, but not all young people have enough time to prepare for the tests. Making cheat sheets can be the perfect option for you. If you decided to make a cheat sheet, it is better to write it by hand. Special studies show that only 10% of the information is memorized during the reading process, but when writing, this figure increases significantly. Therefore, writing your hint by hand (without printing it out), your chances to pass the exam or test will be higher, even if it is not used. Never make cheat sheets with whole answers to a question. Write ...

  • Distinctive Treats of Truly Successful People

    Distinctive Treats of Truly Successful People

    When describing a successful person, we usually limit ourselves to such words as "hard-working" and “intelligent.” Still, these words do not fully convey all the characteristics of a truly successful person. Thus, we decided to single out all the must-have traits that enable people to become successful. Successful People Are Resilient Successful people also encounter failures. What makes them stand out is their ability not to focus too much on their failures and steadfastly proceed with achieving their aims. They do not waste time licking their wounds. Instead, they put forth all ...

  • The Essence of Affirmative Action

    The Essence of Affirmative Action

    Affirmative action is the provision of special opportunities and quotas to those groups that are in the minority. It can be used to ensure gender equality in the workplace or science. Some people believe that affirmative action against women is justified. Women need help and acceptance from the society because in the past they were considered almost male’s property in some countries. Today in many social environments (family, work, politics) men still dominate. For this reason, women should have additional advantages in the society in order to balance the existing domination of ...

  • Suggestions on Writing an APA Style Paper

    Suggestions on Writing an APA Style Paper

    When it comes to the peculiarities of a paper in an APA style, the first thing we ought to pay attention to is, undoubtedly, its format. What does APA stand actually for? APA is considered to be the organization that managed to work out the strict standards regarding the academic papers, namely in the social sciences. Initially, it was psychology where APA style was designed to be used in. Later on, this citation style has been adopted by the academic community. Let’s take a closer look at APA style paper format. Pieces of Advice on how to Create a Paper in an APA Style The ...

  • Essay on Discrimination

    Essay on Discrimination

    It has become one of the most pressing problems in modern society. People frequently resort to it due to personal ignorance, certain social triggers, or societal delusions rooted in their own culture. What is this burning issue? The answer is simple: discrimination. It is our mind that makes us judge other people and compare them to ourselves or our own ideal of a human being. Given the magnitude of the problem, it is crucial to elucidate how discriminating misconceptions are formed in our mind and promulgated by the society. To combat discrimination, it is also necessary to understand the ... Testimonials


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