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  • Classification essay

    Classification essay

    THE TAXONOMY OF CLASSIFICATION ESSAYS Writing a classification essay is not an easy task. It requires intensive analysis as writing this kind of essay entails sorting and organizing information into their appropriate categories for the purpose of further investigation. One category can contain three or more subcategories depending on the available information and the relevance of them to the subject matter. The supporting data under these subcategories rely heavily on descriptive information as the collective goal is to establish identification with similar facts and distinction from those of ...

  • Five-paragraph essay

    Five-paragraph essay

    THE ABC’S OF A FIVE-PARAGRAPH ESSAY A five-paragraph essay is one of the classical composition formats used in stating the writer’s point of view. It may utilize different forms and styles in writing, and may either be analytical or argumentative depending on its purpose for crafting. One of the key components of the five-paragraph essays is preparation of a draft. This draft contains the outline of ideas of the specific topic to be written about. These ideas will then be segregated under the different subtopics of the general subject in an organized and systematic matter. The subtopics, ...

  • Comparison essay

    Comparison essay

    The trick to writing good essays is by knowing what the purpose of the essay is and what information should be included. Get to know what a comparison essay is and the basics in writing one. This type of essay’s main purpose is to compare; it could be a comparison of various things, experiences, people, events, issues, etc. This essay focuses on the key similarities and key differences of people, places, things, events, and the like. The author can choose to discuss the similarities and differences starting from the less significant ones to the majorly significant or vice versa. Commonly ...

  • Process Essay

    Process Essay

    There are different kinds of essays and each one has its own purpose and format to follow. The process essay is written to give the steps of a process by outlining them in a detailed manner. The procedure is narrated and discussed in a concise way. The title of the process essay should be informative enough to inform the reader what process will be discussed and analyzed. The author should be able to distinguish the important parts of the process and keenly highlight them for the readers. This type of essay requires keen and detailed focus from the author because the main purpose of this ...

  • Reflective essay

    Reflective essay

    Writing a reflective essay is easy once you know the writing rubric. The basics are the following: the outline, format, structure, ideas and topics. An essay generally starts with the thesis statement, followed by an introduction, the body and conclusion. A reflective essay is written to provide the author’s reflection on a particular event or personal experience. Unlike other types of essays, the reflective essay has to be based on author’s personal experience and reflection has to come from author’s own perspective. The essay reveals the experience as it is narrated by the author who ...

  • Application Letter

    Application Letter

    Application Letter: A Key to your Future An application essay is one of the most significant and crucial essay forms that an individual can write in his/her entire lifetime. This type of essay is basically a list of reasons why a person is applying to a college, job or any other establishments as well as why that individual should be considered or accepted. The applicant must discuss on this essay how he or she will benefit once accepted and how he/she can reciprocate those benefits to the institution or establishment. The topic for this kind of essay is normally based on the talent and ... Testimonials


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