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  • Exploratory Essay

    Exploratory Essay

    Exploratory Essay: Your Door to Discovery There are numerous types of essay writing. Most of them we use for intellectual and academic purposes. Others to discuss our views or support our opinions. Among all these types is a unique form of essay writing which is the explanatory essay. It is unique in a sense that in most essay forms the writer already has a sense of his own conclusion where the essay will strengthen it and make readers accept that idea. However in explanatory essays, one writes it without having any definite position or attitude to the subject. Instead of choosing a ...

  • Observation Essay

    Observation Essay

    Write What You See in an Observation Essay An observation essay is a type of essay writing that discusses the writer’s personal experience and information based on his own observation.  This is one of the essay types where the writer presents a world of his own perception to the readers.  It is similar to showing the readers a photograph from his own mind and put it into writing.  Aside from his visual perception, the writer also utilizes all his other senses to deliver a more meaningful picture.  An excellent observation essay can effectively produce an imprint in the reader’s mind ...

  • Essay Format

    Essay Format

    When a student is assigned the task of writing an essay, he/she usually has to follow a specific format style. This is especially true if the instructor gives explicit guidelines. If he does not, there are several different options to choose. Firstly, the title should appear at the top of the very first page, approximately one third of the way down. This page is called the title page. The students name, class name, professor and date are either left-aligned or centered and placed half a page below the title. The margins for an essay are almost always set at 1 inch at the top and bottom ...

  • Types of Essay

    Types of Essay

    Below is a reference for some different types of essays. Critical Essay A critical essay offers the reader an analysis or interpretation of a written work. The essayist writes to a specific audience and normally presents a particular argument that supports the main theory or topic of the essay. A critical essay could be considered to be a ‘review’, impression or interpretation by the writer of the essay. Persuasive Essay A persuasive essay is used to convince the reader of a certain point of view or to try and get them to take a specific action in relation to the topic. The essay ...

  • Compare and contrast essay

    Compare and contrast essay

    Compare and contrast essay The compare and contrast essay can either focus on comparing something or contrasting something. The main purpose of this type of essay is to identify the differences or the similarities of two objects, people, places, events, etc. The author has to identify them and discuss them in the essay. The comparison and the contrast of the objects have to be relevant and significant. In writing a compare and contrast essay, the author has to first identify the main points for comparing. This is a very significant task because the whole essay will be structured according to ...

  • Interview essay

    Interview essay

    CHARACTER FORMATION WITH INTERVIEW ESSAYS An interview essay is, in a way, a short biography written by the author following the conduct of an interview. The subject of the essay being the interviewee, it is crucial to formulate a questionnaire that reveals specific details of a person during the social encounter. A working knowledge on how to conduct an interview is also an essential quality of the interviewer that will make the task of completing a justified and objective essay effective. The questions used should expose the person’s ideals, preferences, traits, opinions, and outlooks. ... Testimonials


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