First Steps into Freelance Writing

First Steps into Freelance Writing

Are you new to freelance writing, but you would really like to try yourself in this area? Are you struggling to find out where to start? Here are some pieces of advice which might give you a shove off.

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Cold Pitch Potential Clients

The biggest challenge of every aspiring freelance writer is to find enough work. Waiting for customers to come to you is not the best tactics, whereas contacting different companies and organizations and informing them on the service you can provide for them can bring you impressive results. And that is what cold pitching is all about. You send emails to your prospective customers in which you tell them about who you are and explain to them why they should be interested in your services. It might seem to be quite a bold attitude, but you will stop worrying about it once you receive your first orders.

Keep Track of Job Ads

Another good way for a freelance writer to find work is to keep an eye on job search websites. Lots of attractive job offers can be found there. It would be even better for you not just to visit such sites once in a while, but to be subscribed to their newsletters in order to be informed about best vacancies as soon as possible.

Start with Your Circle of Acquaintances

It can be a nice way to start your freelance writing career by providing services for someone you know. Ask your friends, your neighbors, or colleagues if they need help with their resumes or something like that. Even if you won’t earn a lot of money in such a way, you will have your first testimonials, which is very important for a beginner.

Create a Website

If you have your personal website, which is attractive and professional looking, you are more likely to draw the attention of well-paying customers. However, it might be not the best option if you are at the very beginning of your writing career. You can start with a personal blog and over some time move to the next level, which is a website. Testimonials

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