An Essay on Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits by Suki Kim

Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits by Suki Kim

Suki Kim is a Korean American writer. In her writing piece Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits, she shares her autobiographical story, the story of a Korean family who immigrated to the United States seeking for a better living. When Suki was a little girl, she was raised in a rich family in South Korea. Her father used to be a millionaire and a renowned businessman there. However, he lost everything he had – his mining business, hotels and a shipping company. Since bankruptcy is punishable by law in South Korea, he had to take his family away from the country and immigrate to the United States. They had no money and no support in the new country, so they were going to face hard times.

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When Suki and her family moved to the United States, they overcame a lot of challenges: unemployment, poverty, language issues, discrimination, and social problems. As she used to be a rich girl, all these issues were especially difficult for her. Nevertheless, despite all the hardships, Suki and her family members never gave in. They managed to overcome everything and now Suki is not ashamed of sharing her story and telling about the issues she faced back then. Due to her story, the reader understands that anyone can survive if they do not give in and keep on trying.

Beginning a new life in the USA, Suki noticed a lot of differences between her old and new life. Her social status, her friends and interests changed, and she saw new lifestyles, beliefs and values. She saw her mother, who used to be a glamorous lady, working as a fish filleter. She also noticed that children in her school had much less respect for other students and teachers.
Today, Suki is already an official American on paper, but she remains a Korean girl in her soul as she keeps on respecting and following her traditions and values. The main purpose of telling her story is to show that even a person, who has to change absolutely everything in life, should not surrender. Suki tells her story from the personal point of view in the form of a memoir. She is sincere and open when she shares her personal experiences. Her story appeals to the people of different ethnic groups and ages. It can be noticed that she remains enthusiastic and optimistic, no matter what happens.

Suki Kim’s book is very impressive and interesting. It helps learn more about the people who keep on doing their best despite life challenges. Suki has a very strong character that allowed her to survive and remain a good person in the new world. In face of all hardships, she managed to learn English, obtain decent education and become a good writer. People like her certainly deserve admiration and respect. Testimonials

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