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  • Fall in Love from the Very First Sight

    Fall in Love from the Very First Sight

    The subject of love is extremely complex and puzzling but many people do not give it much consideration. The things we, being young, are pushed to by physical attraction are an insane passion for somebody, irrationality, and rash acts. Hormones may do their part making a young couple step at the path that would have a tremendous effect on their future. Just imagine regretting about certain things connected to past affairs in a couple of years. What Are the Reasons to Call Love at First Unrealizable? Some personalities of romantic nature would say that love should not be concerned with ...

  • Essential Information on Theory of Labeling

    Essential Information on Theory of Labeling

    What Is Labeling Theory? Labeling theory is aimed at looking into the behaviors of individuals affected by the terms of classification or putting them into certain sociological categories. It is often mistakenly associated with something totally unfair and akin to stereotyping. Quite the contrary, labeling theory deals with concrete models of social organization and symbolic ways of interaction. The methodic is set out to analyze the previously mentioned categories and to find the solution to the various problems in the study of sociology. The Key Concepts of the Theory According to labeling ...

  • The Essence of Affirmative Action

    The Essence of Affirmative Action

    Affirmative action is the provision of special opportunities and quotas to those groups that are in the minority. It can be used to ensure gender equality in the workplace or science. Some people believe that affirmative action against women is justified. Women need help and acceptance from the society because in the past they were considered almost male’s property in some countries. Today in many social environments (family, work, politics) men still dominate. For this reason, women should have additional advantages in the society in order to balance the existing domination of ...

  • The Role of Teacher in Learning Process

    The Role of Teacher in Learning Process

    One of the main priorities of the system of continuous education and upbringing in the framework of realization of the national idea is the free thinking and harmoniously developed personality, the personality of the citizen, devoted to the ideals of independence and democracy. There is no future for peoples and nations not aimed at their improvement, not caring about the younger generation. The teacher is the organizer of the educational process, therefore it is not enough to know the basics of the taught science for him or her, he or she must take into account the psychological and ...

  • Surveillance: Safety Measure or Privacy Threat?

    Surveillance: Safety Measure or Privacy Threat?

      It is of secret to nobody that surveillance is a part and parcel of our modern society. With the advent of technologies and the increasing affordability of different recording devices, the vast majority of public places are now equipped with surveillance cameras. It seems to be a completely positive thing, since the recorded material can help solve various criminal cases, such as robberies, assaults, hit and runs and so on. Furthermore, very often, knowing that they are being recorded prevents potential criminals from committing crimes. However, there is more to surveillance than just ...

  • Essay on the Importance of the Role of the Teacher

    Essay on the Importance of the Role of the Teacher

    The role of a teacher in the educational process is very important. Students usually get pushes and overall directions, which they might opt for, and he himself implements some techniques to direct the students like joint educational activities and extracurricular activities at school. Every teacher plays a significant role as a helper who assists college student learning. Teachers often help students solve their personal and everyday problems as well as establish a harmonious relationship with their parents. If you need to write an essay on the importance of the role of a teacher, you ... Testimonials


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