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  • The Role of Constructing a Concluding Sentence

    The Role of Constructing a Concluding Sentence

    The key to getting a good mark for an essay lies in a good concluding sentence. It should summarize everything you wrote about in the text. In addition, your paper should end creatively and boldly. Here are some tips on how to surprise your audience with the help of concluding sentences. Definitive and Conclusive Concluding Sentences Writing Start with a short link phrase. It may serve as a signal to the reader that you are finishing an essay, and he or she needs to be attentive. Use the following words and expressions as links: Finally Ultimately After all Summarize your main ideas in the ...

  • The Link Between Leadership and Organizational Behavior

    The Link Between Leadership and Organizational Behavior

    The importance of leaders is impossible to overestimate, as they help the organization to survive. What is more, they help turn failures to the organization's advantage at hard times. This article discusses the importance of leadership and its impact on organizational behavior. Before getting down to the topic, let's clear up what leadership, management, and organizational behavior are. Organizational Behavior (OB) is a field of study which looks at how the individuals, groups, and structure affect the behavior in an organization. As a rule, it is applicable to the behavior of people in all ...

  • How to Find a Good Title for Your Text

    How to Find a Good Title for Your Text

    Having chosen a problem question and a topic for a scientific article or essay, you should give it a name. Most researchers do not pay scrupulous attention to the wording of the title. Meanwhile, the name is the hook that allows you to catch the reader. Follow a few simple rules to find a good heading for your paper. Choose the Correct Style of Speech In discussions on the title of scientific articles, one can find the opinion that the degree of accuracy and clarity of the title depends on the scientific field. For example, in technical, natural, and economic sciences, the problem or the ...

  • Distinctive Treats of Truly Successful People

    Distinctive Treats of Truly Successful People

    When describing a successful person, we usually limit ourselves to such words as "hard-working" and “intelligent.” Still, these words do not fully convey all the characteristics of a truly successful person. Thus, we decided to single out all the must-have traits that enable people to become successful. Successful People Are Resilient Successful people also encounter failures. What makes them stand out is their ability not to focus too much on their failures and steadfastly proceed with achieving their aims. They do not waste time licking their wounds. Instead, they put forth all ...

  • Suggestions on Writing an APA Style Paper

    Suggestions on Writing an APA Style Paper

    When it comes to the peculiarities of a paper in an APA style, the first thing we ought to pay attention to is, undoubtedly, its format. What does APA stand actually for? APA is considered to be the organization that managed to work out the strict standards regarding the academic papers, namely in the social sciences. Initially, it was psychology where APA style was designed to be used in. Later on, this citation style has been adopted by the academic community. Let’s take a closer look at APA style paper format. Pieces of Advice on how to Create a Paper in an APA Style The ...

  • Making a Qualitative Persuasive Essay Outline

    Making a Qualitative Persuasive Essay Outline

    Drawing a Persuasive Essay Outline Writers put forward their ideas by means of miscellaneous types of essays. A persuasive essay prompts the audience to consider the idea from different angles or to assume the measures. To write a top-notch persuasive essay the author needs to dig up plausible facts and evidence and be well-informed about the topic. First off, to persuade the readers, the writer should take a stance at the beginning of an essay. Providing logical explanation with interesting facts will make your idea sound sensible. To be more persuasive, the writer must prove the ... Testimonials


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