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  • The Role of Constructing a Concluding Sentence

    The Role of Constructing a Concluding Sentence

    The key to getting a good mark for an essay lies in a good concluding sentence. It should summarize everything you wrote about in the text. In addition, your paper should end creatively and boldly. Here are some tips on how to surprise your audience with the help of concluding sentences. Definitive and Conclusive Concluding Sentences Writing Start with a short link phrase. It may serve as a signal to the reader that you are finishing an essay, and he or she needs to be attentive. Use the following words and expressions as links: Finally Ultimately After all Summarize your main ideas in the ...

  • Freedom and Terrorism

    Freedom and Terrorism

    One of the problems of the fight against terrorists lies in the terminological area. There is no universally accepted definition of terrorism – therefore, the same people or organizations are often called "terrorists" and "freedom fighters." This uncertainty makes it possible to use the term "terrorism" in accordance with current political, religious, and other interests. In fact, the word "terrorism" has become a stigma and ideological stamp often used in the wrong meaning. It plays into the hands of terrorists and allows them to engage in propaganda, attract supporters, and recruit ...

  • Fall in Love from the Very First Sight

    Fall in Love from the Very First Sight

    The subject of love is extremely complex and puzzling but many people do not give it much consideration. The things we, being young, are pushed to by physical attraction are an insane passion for somebody, irrationality, and rash acts. Hormones may do their part making a young couple step at the path that would have a tremendous effect on their future. Just imagine regretting about certain things connected to past affairs in a couple of years. What Are the Reasons to Call Love at First Unrealizable? Some personalities of romantic nature would say that love should not be concerned with ...

  • The Link Between Leadership and Organizational Behavior

    The Link Between Leadership and Organizational Behavior

    The importance of leaders is impossible to overestimate, as they help the organization to survive. What is more, they help turn failures to the organization's advantage at hard times. This article discusses the importance of leadership and its impact on organizational behavior. Before getting down to the topic, let's clear up what leadership, management, and organizational behavior are. Organizational Behavior (OB) is a field of study which looks at how the individuals, groups, and structure affect the behavior in an organization. As a rule, it is applicable to the behavior of people in all ...

  • The Notion of Diffusion

    The Notion of Diffusion

    Getting started with the nature of molecules and the way they work in a body, you should be aware of the main terms in the sphere. Here are the ones you need to be familiar with: Solvent is a substance that is able to dissolve liquid. The solvent can be not only a fluid, but also it may be a solid or a gas. Solute is a homogenous mixture that is dissolved in the solvent. Hypotonic solution is a type of solution that is less solute and has a bigger amount of water in it. Hypertonic solution is the solution with the bigger concentration of dissolved substance than of the solvent. Isotonic ...

  • How to Find a Good Title for Your Text

    How to Find a Good Title for Your Text

    Having chosen a problem question and a topic for a scientific article or essay, you should give it a name. Most researchers do not pay scrupulous attention to the wording of the title. Meanwhile, the name is the hook that allows you to catch the reader. Follow a few simple rules to find a good heading for your paper. Choose the Correct Style of Speech In discussions on the title of scientific articles, one can find the opinion that the degree of accuracy and clarity of the title depends on the scientific field. For example, in technical, natural, and economic sciences, the problem or the ... Testimonials


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